7 Major Causes of Weight Gain

Weight Gain is the most common and serious problem faced by human beings. Weight gain is not a condition, it has become a disease now. Major root causes of weight gain or obesity. Along with physical problems, people are hurting mentally. Because fat people have to face body shaming throughout their life. 

Weight gain has attacked humans deeply as it has made people lose self confidence. Today even a child who is falling weight gain has to be serious regarding this situation because modern life has its negative impact on the child’s life also.Today I want to discuss some major causes of weight gain.


Weight gain is a serious issue for human life. Sometimes, despite having healthy lifestyle people are facing weight gain issues. It has bring several disease along with itself.Today i will discuss some major causes of weight gain:


First and foremost major cause of weight gain in heredity. Some people are born thin and have a healthy lifestyle also but then also they are gaining weight. Because their body weight gain is hereditary. Human body is made of genes. Hereditary genes in our body have a severe impact on our body physically as well as mentally. If your parents or grandparents are heavy or have high weight then it is common for your body to gain weight.


Another major reason for weight gain can be the adolescent phase of human life. Adolescent phase of humans has a severe evident impact on their body. During the adolescent phase our body faces drastic changes in its figure. Both males and females have drastic figure changes. In these changes weight is the first change that we have to face. During adolescence your body can gain weight drastically or can lose weight drastically also. But there is a thing about adolescence that one can control their body according to their wishes if they have knowledge and determination. Adolescence can be the major reason for your weight gain.


Another major reason for weight gain is anxiety. Anxiety is very common among people. Modern human life has a tight schedule. People don’t even have time for food. Modern busy life has many things which cause anxiety. Humans are tend to take issues seriously. Sometimes they face unavoidable situations which create anxiety. Anxiety is the root cause of many mental problems. Anxiety has a direct effect on the body. People facing anxiety tend to be lazy and lethargic. To distract their mind they eat more food, which leads to weight gain. 


One of the root causes of weight gain is the lifestyle of human beings. Weight gain has a direct relation with people’s lifestyle. The way an individual lives their life has a direct impact on their body. People nowadays eat junk foods, watch TV for late hours, live nightlife, do not get enough sleep, and have very little physical activity. This lazy lifestyle has a negative impact on body weight. So lifestyle has a direct impact on your body weight.People wonder why they are not losing weight, they don’t get the idea that their lifestyle is haphazard.


Another cause for weight gain is hormonal changes in the body. Human body has to bear hormonal changes. Along with the age of the human body I tend to have hormonal changes. During adaptability of these hormonal changes the human body sometimes gains a significant amount of weight. These hormonal changes have direct physical changes. Hormonal changes are the major cause of weight gain.


One of the major root causes of weight gain is Depression. Human beings live their life with emotions. Without emotions their life is lifeless. Family support and emotional support is the major strength of their life. During pandemic due to various social and medical issues people have to live separately from their family. They had to live in isolation and quarantine. This alone time creates various depression tendencies in the human mind and heart. Psychological conditions get disturbed due to depression.

During depression people’s lives life without care.Depression has a high impact on the human body. Depressed people tend to gain more weight.


Another cause for weight gain is when your body is on medication. People have to take medication for the cure of disease.Old people are on regular medication. The medicines cause your body to gain weight. Medicines have a direct impact on body weight.

Body is on Medication


Weight gain is a serious problem. It needs care and attention. Human beings should have a habit of regular exercise and healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. To live a healthy life, you have to lead a healthy life. 




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